Phlebology Training Day

The Phlebology Training Day is a day dedicated to the teaching of Basic and Advanced Phlebology taken from our comprehensive training program. The day will start with a combined lecture and then break off into two streams; Basic and Advanced. Each stream will continue on with lectures and will take part in small group round table discussions, where particpants will be able to have close discussion  and Q&A with an expert in the field.

Afterward, both Basic and Advanced streams will combine again for a masterclass delivered by an expert in the field.

This day is highly recommended for College trainees to attend and have close contact with the developers of our online educational content and a number of key representatives of the College.

To attend be sure to select that you will be attending on the registration form.

We also welcome those who are not currently enrolled in the College training program to take part in the day and expose themselves to the education and the people that deliver our comprehensive training and give a taste of what is involved in the field of Phlebology.

Sponsors and Exhibitors