Phlebology Mission Fiji

On the 30th April 2024 the College embarked on a Mission, to teach doctors in Fiji about the field of Phlebology. The mission was funded through the Phlebology Foundation of Australia and  organised by Dr Stefania Roberts and Dr Stephen Benson, both Board Members of the ACP. The day was a great success, with further assistance from Dr Lisa Marks, Dr Kurosh Parsi and Dr Joseph Grace, together with their dedicated teams, including Dr Manisha Siriwadene, Nicole Curtis,  Tony Nguyen, Andy Nguyen, Yana Parsi and Parmiss Parsi. Patients were treated with Endothermal Ablation procedures, with the Fijian doctors participating and learning these techniques.

Dr Zen Low of Zen's Clinic, generously opened his clinic for the teams to take over and treat patients while providing valuable instruction to those Fijian doctors present.

Without the help of Youth Without A Mission (YWAM) this mission would not have been possible. They were the go-to team in Fiji that brought everyone together and ensured that all equipment and supplies were able to safely enter the country to ensure the day was a success.

Our trade partners were overly generous with the following donations:

- Sigvaris donated 2 suitcases full of compression stockings and funds

- A Fujifilm Sonosite ultrasound machine was donated to the Zen clinic

- Clarius bought a 15MHz POCUS to be used for the mission

- Medline gifted vascular packs

- Device Consulting brought a 1500nm laser, 5 laser fibers and a Klein pump

- Medisol brought their laser machine

- Medtronic brought 2 radiofrequency generators and 12 RFA fibers to be used, plus vascular packs

- Laureth-9 was donated for UGS

A HUGE Thank you goes to Dr Stefania Roberts for not giving up on the idea, despite many hurdles!


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