New ACP Board Announced
The new Board of the ACP was announced during the AGM hled on the 13 November 2022.

We would like to congratulate the new members and those that have been re-elcted to the board. For those previous Board members that were not re-elected we thank you for your time on the Board and hope to see you on the join us again in future.

Board Structure as of 13 November 2022

Executive Board
Dr Lisa Marks (President)
Dr Simon Thibault (Immediate Past President)
Dr Paul Thibault (Treasurer)
Dr David Connor (Honorary Secretary)

Board Members
Dr Stephen Benson
Dr Paul Dinnen
Dr David Huber
Dr Adrian Lim
Dr Stuart McMaster
Dr Darren Ng
Dr Peter Paraskevas
Prof Kurosh Parsi
Prof Neil Piller
Dr Andrew Stirling