Certificate in Clinician Performed Ultrasound: Lower Extremity Venous Ultrasound (CCPU LEVU)

The ACP is pleased to partner with ASUM to provide high quality specialised training and provide its trainees with formal accreditation in ultrasound as it applies to lower extremity venous specialisation.

The Certificate in Clinician Performed Ultrasound: Lower Extremity Venous Ultrasound (CCPU LEVU) is accredited and offered through The Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) with the ACP delivering the Lower Extremity Venous Ultrasound unit as a recognised unit of the CCPU qualification from ASUM.  The CCPU LEVU is a compulsory course for ACP trainees at the Advanced level of training and should be completed during their first year of Advanced training (training year 2). 

The following chart outlines the processes and activities to be undertaken by Advanced ACP trainees to meet the requirements for successful completion of the CCPU LEVU. 



Join ASUM as a Medical Member. Cost $310.75 (for annual membership in Australia) See ASUM website for details on joining as a member here and fees here

Enrol in CCPU here. Cost $733.00 Select LEVU as CCPU unit. Further information available here

Complete Applied Physics Course via ASUM website

Trainee notifies Course Facilitator of successful completion of Applied Physics unit (

Enrol in ACP LEVU unit.  Cost $1,100.00 (ACP form will be provided) 

The trainee’s ultrasound supervisor to submit form to ASUM for approval (

Trainee attends ACP CCPU LEVU Workshop (register on ACP ASM website) 

Commence Logbook Requirements 

Complete 2 CCPU Formative Assessments and submit to ASUM (July - August) 

Complete 1 CCPU Summative Assessment and submit to ASUM (September - October) 

Online post-test completed by end of September. 

Trainee submits completed requirements to Course Facilitator to check and issue certificate of completion if satisfactory (

Trainee sends the certificate of completion and completed logbook to ASUM by end October (

ASUM sends the logbooks to approved assessors. 

The assessors review the logbooks and notify ASUM of the results. 

ASUM provides the trainee with their result. 

ASUM provides the successful trainee with the CCPU LEVU certification. 

The trainee provides proof of having gained the CCPU LEVU certificate to ACP. 


All links to 2022 documents and forms provided below.



CCPU Student Enrolment Form


RPL Form


Return to practice form


CCPU Primary Supervisor Form


CCPU Regulations


CCPU Supervisors Handbook


CCPU Syllabus LEVU





ASUM Medical Membership Fee $310.75  (paid to ASUM)
CCPU enrolment fee $733.00 (paid to ASUM)
LEVU enrolment fee $1,100.00 (paid to ACP)
Total Fees for CCPU LEVU $2,143.75  
Note that ASUM membership will need to be renewed each year to maintain accreditation.


Advanced Certificate of Ultrasound in Phlebology (A.C.U.P)

Advanced Technology Topics and Clinical Applications of Ultrasound Imaging in Phlebology

Course Content:
Interpretation of color, spectral and power Doppler; Doppler artifacts, power, intensity, biological safety of ultrasound, quality control, advanced processing, harmonic imaging, spatial compounding, frequency compounding, 3D/4D, matrix array transducers, elastography, synthetic aperture, digital system processing, DICOM, PACS

Clinical applications: lower extremity venous imaging, upper extremity venous imaging, lower limb arterial, abdominal vascular applications, basics of cerebrovascular examinations, case reviews

Duration: 1 Year
Prerequisites: Successful completion of C.U.P. or CCPU LEVU
Assessment: Written Exam and Logbook Requirements
Course delivery: Online
Award: Advanced Certificate of Ultrasound in Phlebology (A.C.U.P.)
Note: considerable clinical hands-on experience with duplex ultrasound is required.