Live Broadcast Program
Sunday 4 February 2018
Rooms 219/220
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia

It is our great pleasure to invite you to Melbourne, Australia for an advanced phlebology Live Procedural Course and Workshop to precede the UIP 2018 World Congress of Phlebology.

This one day event is aimed at phlebologists, vascular surgeons, trainees and other physicians interested in advanced endovenous procedures including the new glue ablative methods, laser and radiofrequency ablation, MOCA, foam sclerotherapy and new cosmetic procedures.

Join us for an exciting and interactive workshop.

UIP World Congress of Phlebology (4-8 February 2018) complete Program

To download a version of the live broadcast program please click here.

Hands-on Training Sessions (HOTS)
Monday 5th – Thursday 8th February 2018
Room 220
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia

The UIP 2018 Hands-on Training Sessions (HOTS) provide a structured comprehensive practical experience for physicians interested in venous disease.

The UIP 2018 HOTS will include 36 stations spanning over 4 days and 9 sessions. Each session is 120 minutes. There are 4 Stations per session. Each station is 25 minutes, repeated 4 times.

Each station is manned by at least one faculty member and one product specialist. This allows access to a non-biased presentation of the technology and direct access to highly experienced clinicians. The number of participants is limited to allow direct interaction with the instructors. Sessions are informal allowing a relaxed learning experience.

Each station may include presentations, live demonstrations, models and tools. The focus will be on hands-on training on procedures and devices.

Given the limited available spots and to ensure we maintain small numbers in each group, workshop allocations will be made on a first-in first-served basis.

To download a version of the HOTS program please click here.