Preceptorship - Introductory

The College conducts an intensive 3-day one on one observational preceptorship in sclerotherapy. The preceptorship provides practical training in sclerotherapy and is designed for those practitioners who wish to incorporate sclerotherapy into their practice. It covers investigation and management of superficial venous incompetence, CW-Doppler, basic sclerotherapy techniques, and exposure to ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.


The Basic Phlebology Preceptorship does not provide certifcation in sclerotherapy. For certifcation purposes, fulfillment of ALL training requirements including a pass in the written and clinical examinations is required.

Preceptorship provides exposure to ultrasound guided sclerotherapy but is not considered adequate training in this procedure or other advanced procedures. For accreditation in performing ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and other advanced procedures, further training as prescribed by ACP and a pass in the Diploma or Fellowship examination is required.


It is recommended that preceptors familiarise themselves with basic sclerotherapy concepts beforehand to make the most out of their Preceptorship. Due to medicolegal reasons and state registration issues, the Preceptorship is observational only. A recommended textbook is provided.


Preceptorship Training Course: $3300.00 (GST incl)