Preceptorship - Advanced


The College conducts an intensive 2-day one-on-one observational preceptorship in UGS and EVLA. The preceptorship provides practical training in UGS and EVLA and is designed for practitioners who are fully competent in ultrasound, vascular & venous disease as well as the basic concepts of sclerotherapy.


The Advanced Phlebology Preceptorship does not provide certifcation in UGS or EVLA. For certifcation purposes, fulfillment of ALL training requirements including a pass in the written and clinical examinations is required. Preceptorship provides exposure to EVLA and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy but is not considered adequate training in these or other advanced procedures.


It is recommended that advanced preceptors are competent in basic sclerotherapy and have completed a Basic Preceptorship already. Due to medico-legal reasons and state registration issues, the Preceptorship is observational only.


For practitioners with no prior experience in phlebology, the introductory preceptorship is recommended. This preceptorship is only open to specialists in the field who require extra procedural training.


Advanced Preceptorship Training Course: $2750.00 (GST incl)