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Welcome to the Australasian College of Phlebology (ACP) online module training.

Each module will run for at least two or four weeks (check your course schedule) with an assessment quiz at the end of each module.

There will be a lecturer for each module who will have developed the module, collated the reference material and will be available for a Q&A via the forum for the two weeks of the module.

Each of your related training modules will be listed on the right hand side of this page. Simply click on the link of the module to gain access to that modules course material.

For more information please contact the College on +61 2 9386 1811 or acp

2017 Online Module Schedule


Commence  Finish Unit  Topic  Instructor
30-Jan-17 12-Feb-17 1 Anatomy Dr Lisa Marks
13-Feb-17 26-Feb-17 2 Venous physiology Dr Anne Padbury
27-Feb-17 12-Mar-17 3 Pathophysiology Dr Anne Padbury
13-Mar-17 26-Mar-17 4 CEAP Dr Lisa Marks
27-Mar-17 09-Apr-17 5 Diagnostic Techniques Dr Gurjit Dhillon
10-Apr-17 16-Apr-17   BREAK  
17-Apr-17 30-Apr-17 6 Adverse effects and complications of Sclerotherapy Dr Simon Thibault
01-May-17 14-May-17 7 Sclerotherapy techniques Dr Simon Thibault
15-May-17 28-May-17 8 Principles of compression therapy  Dr Andrew Stirling
29-May-17 11-Jun-17 9 The swollen limb Dr Mark Elvy
12-Jun-17 25-Jun-17 10 Diseases with telangiectatic manifestations Dr Adrian Lim
26-Jun-17 02-Jul-17   BREAK  
03-Jul-17 16-Jul-17 11 Sclerosing agents Dr Kurosh Parsi
17-Jul-17 30-Jul-17 12 Erythema of the lower limb Dr Gurjit Dhillon
31-Jul-17 13-Aug-17 13 Indications for UGS, EVLA, RF, surgery Unit Dr David Jenkins
14-Aug-17 27-Aug-17 14 Medicolegal and ethical issues Dr Chris Lekich
28-Aug-17 10-Sep-17 15 Clinical Quiz Dr David Jenkins
07-Oct-17     Written Examination  
24-Nov-17 25-Nov-17   Clinical Examination  
Commence  Finish Unit  Topic  Instructor
30-Jan-17 12-Feb-17 1(Y1) Endovenous Thermal Ablation Dr Stuart McMaster
13-Feb-17 26-Feb-17 2(Y1) Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy Dr Peter Paraskevas
27-Feb-17 12-Mar-17 3(Y1) Superficial Thrombophlebitis Dr Simon Thibault
13-Mar-17 26-Mar-17 4(Y1) Vascular Lasers, Laser Physics Dr Elisabeth de Felice
27-Mar-17 09-Apr-17 5(Y1) Dermatology in Phlebology  Dr Adrian Lim
10-Apr-17 16-Apr-17   BREAK  
17-Apr-17 07-May-17 6(Y1) Post Thrombotic Syndrome Dr Stuart McMaster
08-May-17 28-May-17 7(Y1) Surgical Approach to Varicose Veins Dr David Huber
29-May-17 25-Jun-17 8(Y1) Pulsatile Varicose Veins, Popliteal Vein Aneurysm, Persistent Sciatic Veins Dr David Jenkins
26-Jun-17 02-Jul-17   BREAK  
03-Jul-17 23-Jul-17 9(Y1) Emerging Modalities Dr Peter Paraskevas
24-Jul-17 13-Aug-17 10(Y1) Pelvic Congestion Syndrome incl Anatomy Dr Sanjay Nadkarni
14-Aug-17 03-Sep-17 11(Y1) Venous Malformations Prof. Lourens Bester
Commence  Finish Unit  Topic  Instructor
30-Jan-17 12-Feb-17 12(Y2) Anticoagulation in Phlebology Dr Stuart McMaster
13-Feb-17 26-Feb-17 13(Y2) Venous Outcomes Assessment Dr Stuart McMaster
27-Feb-17 12-Mar-17 14(Y2) Writing a Scientific Article Dr Paul Thibault
13-Mar-17 26-Mar-17 15(Y2) Critiquing a Scientific Article Dr Andrew Stirling
27-Mar-17 09-Apr-17 16(Y2) Lower Limb Ulceration Dr Mark Elvy
10-Apr-17 16-Apr-17   BREAK  
17-Apr-17 30-Apr-17 17(Y2) Anaesthesia in Phlebology Dr Peter Paraskevas
01-May-17 14-May-17 18(Y2) Anatomy- Areas of Special Interest in Phlebology Dr Chris Lekich
15-May-17 28-May-17 19(Y2) Venoactive Drugs and Supplements Dr Paul Hannah
29-May-17 25-Jun-17 20(Y2) Popliteal Vein Compression Syndrome, Venous Compression Syndromes and Venous Trauma Dr Ivor Berman
26-Jun-17 02-Jul-17   BREAK  
03-Jul-17 23-Jul-17 21(Y2) Laboratory Markers and Thrombophilia Testing Dr Kurosh Parsi
24-Jul-17 13-Aug-17 22(Y2) Mechanisms of Varicose Vein Formation             Dr David Jenkins
14-Aug-17 03-Sep-17 23(Y2) Venous Thromboembolism Dr Paul Hannah
07-Oct-17     Written Examination  
24-Nov-17 25-Nov-17   Clinical Examination  


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