Phlebology Foundation Fundraising

The Phlebology Foundation of Australia established in 2014, is a valuable initiative of the Australasian College of Phlebology and provides support in various endeavours including research and education in Phlebology.

The Foundation looks for specific projects consistent with its aims to support and promote the field of Phlebology. At present the Foundation has the unique opportunity to contribute to the publication of a comprehensive book on Phlebology and Lymphology, which is being edited by Professor Ken Myers, our well respected inaugural Chancellor, well known to many of you. The draft of the textbook has been completed, with some chapters contributed by invited Australian and International experts in the field. We believe this book will be a definitive text on the subject, and one that would be sought after and become the essential reference of practising Phlebologists world-wide. It is planned to be the primary textbook on Phlebology for our training courses.

To complete the manuscript by March 31, 2017 funding is required to produce quality illustrations for all 20 chapters. In order to ensure completion by this date the Phlebology Foundation of Australia has offered to contribute $30,000 to fund this publication expense.

In return for this contribution. The Foundation has secured all future Royalties resulting from International and Australian and New Zealand sales of both print and electronic versions. This is a substantial project for the Foundation but will bring great credibility to the Foundation, the ACP and its Fellows and members.

In order to fund the contribution, the Foundation is requesting donations from our membership specifically for this endeavour. The greater the numbers of donors, the broader the sharing this investment will be amongst those who will eventually obtain benefit from advancing the field of Phlebology.

So, as Honorary Treasurer, I ask you to be generous in considering a donation specifically for this purpose. All donations are fully tax deductible and payments may be made by credit card or direct debit on the Foundation website Donors who contribute $1000 or more will receive a complimentary copy of the book, and will be acknowledged at the next conferring ceremony of the ACP.

Paul Thibault
Honorary Treasurer
Australasian College of Phlebology and Phlebology Foundation of Australia